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How To Keep Your Garage Heated SAFELY This Winter

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How To Keep Your Garage Heated SAFELY This Winter

As usual, it has been another cold winter in the UK, one that was predicted to be the coldest one yet with prolonged periods of temperatures below average. When you take the cold winds into consideration, it means there will be more very cold days and evenings ahead. However, if you are looking to be spending a lot of time in your garage, perhaps due to your own gym being inside, or if you are into your mechanics and love to work on your car or motorbike all year round, then this winter you definitely will not let the chilly weather warning stop you from doing what you love. Take a look at these three simple steps to help keep your garage heated through the winter:


Why not consider infrared heaters to warm up your garage inexpensively? They do not require any complicated venting systems and they’re very quiet so you can watch your TV in peace and warmth all at the same time! Did we mention that they are very easy to install?

Although, remember that whilst you will not be needing a ventilator fan, they will still give off steam…

Another option to consider would be to install a sealed combustion space heater. These are fantastic for homes that are heated by natural gas as it will be installed on the walls outside pulling in the air and heating it from the outside. There are many different shapes and sizes out there to choose from just as there is with an air conditioning unit, so choose the model that best suits you and your needs carefully.

Electric Panels

Electric radiant ceiling panels are very popular for those looking to heat up a large surface area. You will often find these in some football stadiums and arenas mounted on the ceilings. Again, they are very quiet so perfect for those of you wanting to watch TV or relax in there.

How NOT to heat up your garage

Okay so now we’ve given you a few tips on how to safely heat up your garage during the winter months, so it would only be right to advise you on how NOT to heat your garage this winter…

  1. Never extend your home’s duct into the garage
  2. Do not use oil or electric heaters. (you may use electric heaters for a short time but this is not a safe method for longer periods of time.)
  3. Don’t use wooden stoves without checking if you are fully covered by your insurance

And one last tip…

A key factor that determines if your garage will be warm this winter depends heavily on your garage door installation capabilities. If it’s not installed properly then drafts will certainly come through, meaning ice and rain could even seep through.

Give your garage door a once over this winter and give the professionals a call at Doormatic today. We will happily send one of our experienced installers to inspect your garage door and give you the peace of mind you need for this winter.

Talk to one of our advisers today – we are here to help!

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