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Why Everyone Is Going CRAZY for Wood-Like Steel Garage Doors!

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Why Everyone Is Going CRAZY for Wood-Like Steel Garage Doors!

You may have noticed some snazzy looking wood-like garage doors in your neighbourhood that all seem to have that one thing in common. (besides looking snazzy of course)

It seems that as the months and years go by, those garage doors always seem to look brand new…

So how is it possibly achieved? Is it from some magnificent staining? Or maybe the secret is all in the art of how the wood is treated? Well, the surprising yet truthful answer of them all is that they are not wood after all – they are in fact steel!

What are Wood-Like Steel Doors?

Just as it is described in the name,  wood-like steel doors have the stunning appearance,  craftsmanship and overall look of authentic wooden garage door,  but are in fact made of steel- which gives them extra security and durability than real wooden doors. As a matter-of-fact,  they have many significant advantages such as:

Low Maintenance

Wood-like steel garage doors are extremely low maintenance than your standard wooden doors. You can forget the days when you had to refinish your garage doors every other year because with the wood-like steel garage doors it will still look as fresh and as appealing as the first day you had it installed.

Stress Free Ownership

Another benefit of having a wood-like steel garage door is that there is absolutely no risk of warping, rotting or reshaping or damage from UV rays and insects. So no matter what is thrown at these garage doors you can be assured that there will be no hard work or stress from an expensive repair bill in the future.

Lightweight Feel

Unlike real wooden garage doors that are very heavy, the wood-like steel garage door has lightweight construction properties. Because steel is so much lighter than wood it makes a 8” by 20” (or even larger) garage door so much easier to install and operate. Many homes find it difficult to safely accommodate a real wooden garage door and therefore find the wood-like steel garage door a great alternative.

Energy Efficient

It is very easy to simply insulate a steel garage door so its energy efficient – which these days with the sky high prices of heating and air con bills, this is a huge benefit.

Eco Friendly

Because steel garage doors are made to stand the test of time and require no maintenance at all, then it is a no brainer that it’s an eco friendly choice. Even decades later you won’t be obligated to replace and repair parts anytime soon. Also, when the time does come to recycle your old garage door, you can recycle steel instead of sending it to the landfill.

Looks aren’t everything…or are they?

I have said this before and I will say it again, wood-like steel garage doors really do look absolutely stunning! In fact, most people may be fooled into thinking that they are real wooden garage doors because they are so accurately painted. Of course looks aren’t everything but when it comes to garage doors they sure do make a hell of a difference. Not only will it make a beautiful view for every time you walk or drive up and down your driveway, it will also boost your all important curb-appeal for the next time you decide to ut your house on the market.

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