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Building A Garage Extension Guide: How To Add A Garage To Your Home

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Building A Garage Extension Guide: How To Add A Garage To Your Home

Want to know how to add a garage to your home? Whether you’re looking to build an extension from an existing building or wish to have a separate garage structure – our experts here at Doormatic have put together all the information you will need to know.

Do I need planning permission for building a garage?garage planning permission

You do not need planning permission if:

  • It’ll be used purely for domestic purposes
  • The garage is smaller than half the size of your property
  • Your garage is not going to be situated at the front or side of the house, that faces the road
  • It does not exceed 4 metres in height
  • The eaves height is 2.5 metres – within 2 metres of the property boundary
  • The garage is at least 3.5 metres away from the boundary, if there’s a road that’s situated at the rear of the house
  • You are more than 20 metres away from a World Heritage Site, National Park or an area of outstanding natural beauty

It’s important to get matters of planning permission right, so for further assistance, you can refer to this link here or call your local council.


Cost of building a garage

building a garage cost

Building a garage all depends on the size, whether it’s attached, detached and how you need it to function. What you need to remember when building a garage is that it’s just like erecting an extension – so you will need a budget that’ll match your works.

A basic, detached double garage will cost around £18,000 to construct. This will pay for a 36m² building, that’s 6m wide, 6m deep and 2.5 high. This garage will also nicely match the brickwork of your home. This should also cover the garage door, rainwater drainage, electrical supply, window and an access door.

For a more elaborate, luxurious garage that has a multitude of functions and tailored aesthetics, you can expect to pay around £25,000. It might be the case that you want to have a small toilet in your garage, a gym, games corner and space for your car – so as you can imagine, the more you want to do with the garage, the more you’ll need to invest.  


How much value will a garage add to my home?

With more and more cars on the road, garages and car parking spaces are in higher demand than ever before. Recent research has shown that homes with a garage can add another £11,000 to its value – which is worth the additional money to potential buyers because it keeps their cars safe and offers ample storage space. It was also highlighted that homes without a garage were instantly ruled out by potential buyers because it was inconvenient to tackle with restricted road parking and it would make it harder to have visitors over.


What type of garage should I build?

Ask yourself what it is you require – do you need space to park one car, two cars, bikes and holiday gear? Do you wish to turn your garage into a games room or gym (see our garage conversion guide for more info on that)? Your answers will give you a good indication on what type of garage you will need.

  • Attached – accessing your garage through your home makes life easy. You can save yourself money by extending on from your home because there will already be a preexisting wall. An attached garage makes your home feel bigger and enables you to use your garage like you would the rest of your home. As long as you have the space, you could have a small single or a large double.

attached garage

  • Detached – it’s easier to expand and can be quicker than utilising a preexisting wall, as long as you have the permission to do so (if you require planning permission). Great if you like DIY projects because you can keep the noise away from your home.

detached garage

  • Parking – if you’re looking to secure your own private spot after a long day at work,having a sizeable garage will ensure your car is safe and parking is easy. If it’s just one car parking space you require and nothing more – a basic garage will be your cheapest option. Two cars will require a small double.

car park garage

  • Utility room – having a big double garage is an ideal way to free up your kitchen from washing machines and tumble dryers – keeping your washing away from the cooking and the luxury to store excess goods. You will want to consider a double attached garage if you have the space but if not, a double detached might be better suited to your requirements.

garage utility room

  • Games room or gym – having enough room to park your car and use the remaining space for a games room or gym means you will want to invest in a medium or large double garage. This also gives you the flexibility to use the garage for other purposes, should you need to store your car when you go on holiday etc.


Garage Building Materials

UK garages are built out of brick, metal and wood. Metal and wood garages are cheaper because they’re easier to construct and are made of lightweight/cheap materials, whereas brick garages are more expensive, aesthetically pleasing and take longer to build. A single garage would be quick, cheap and easy to build – ideal for parking your car. Brick garages are also warmer, ideal for parking your car and other alternative purposes.  


Garage sizes

  • Small single – 8’ x 16’ (2.4 x 4.9m)
  • Medium single – 9’ x 18’ (2.7m x 5.5m)
  • Large single – 10’ x 20’ (3.0m x 6.1m)
  • Small double – 16’ x 16’
  • Medium double – 18’ x 18’ (2.7m x 5.5m)
  • Large double – 20’ x 20’ (3.0m x 6.1m)


Types of garage doors

garage door types

There is an extensive range of garage doors to choose from to ensure your garage is beautifully brought to completion. Whether you need something simple and cheap, insulating and sturdy or something in between, you can guarantee to find something that’s perfectly fitting. Our garage door buying guide has more advice on finding the right one for you.

There are countless options to consider, including:

  • Roller garage doorscompact and space saving, enabling an easy drive-through when parking.
  • Sectional garage doorsmaximise the width of entrance and have insulating qualities.
  • Up & over garage doors strong, secure and cost-effective.
  • GRP garage doors come in a variety of finishes to match your home’s exterior, offering luxury without the maintenance.
  • Side-hinged garage doorseasy access to your garage, convenient for personal use when you’re not parking a car.
  • Steel garage doorscanopy or retractable, depending on your budget and are available in many colours and styles.
  • Timber garage doorshigh quality, well-finished doors to compliment a large brick garage. A timber garage door offers great insulation, ideal for multi-purpose garages.
  • ABS garage doorshigh gloss doors with standard finger pull handles come in a variety of finishes and adornments.
  • Made to measure garage doors whatever your budget you can have a door tailor-made, so the material, functionality and size is up to you.
  • Automated and electric garage doors if you’re looking for quick and easy access to your garage an automated or electric door is just what you need. At the push of a button you can drive straight in to park your car or open up your garage when there’s nice weather.

Want impartial advice that takes your budget, taste and style into account? Speak to the professionals at Doormatic Garage Doors. We have over 20 years of experience within the industry and can supply and fit an extensive range of quality garage doors to any customers throughout the country. We provide free home visits and quick quotes because we understand time is of the essence. Call today for more information!

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