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Is It Worth Replacing a Garage Door?

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Is It Worth Replacing a Garage Door?

Is it worth replacing a garage door is a question we often get here at Doormatic, and while the answer can vary, there are plenty of reasons to consider replacing your garage door for something fresh and new.

For example, if your garage door won’t close, you’ll want to replace it as quickly as possible to restore the security and protection of your home. Likewise, if your door has been punctured, you might be spending more than you need to on heating bills due to the cold air being let in. 

But there are more considerations to tackle with this question since there is never really a bad time to have your garage door replaced – there are always benefits to be had. This month, we’ll take you through some of the core reasons you should have your garage door replaced with a brand new one from our specialist team.

Security for your home

We touched on it briefly above, but the one thing you really need from your garage door is security. Whether it connects to your property, is where you keep your car or it’s just the place you store tools and a washing machine, the last thing you want is to put that at risk. 

A garage door that is old, rusted and maybe doesn’t sit in the frame right any more can be inviting for thieves; something that looks weak is inevitably going to be preyed upon. Compare that against a brand new door, made from sturdy materials and with the latest locking technology, and it’s obvious why you’d want a new garage door. 

The insulation of your home

While everyone is looking to lower the carbon footprint, the real benefit of lower bills is simple: it costs less! So why would you put up with sub-par insulation from your garage door? Sure, your door might look neat and tidy if you’ve kept it clean, but if it was cheaply made – or is over a decade old – then you could be missing out on the latest insulated materials.

Whether it’s an up and over garage door or a side-hinged one, if your garage door is attached to your home, you could retain more heat in your home by replacing it with a newer model, thereby saving yourself money on heating. And if your garage is a free-standing one, used as a home gym, office or workshop, then why not make it more comfortable to be in with the addition of a new, insulated garage door?

The appearance of your home

We all want to take pride in our homes, so if your garage door is looking worse for wear, or the style no longer suits your property, then your best move is to get a new garage door. You can go for something modern, with automation built in, or you can keep things traditional – just because you don’t go for a modern look, doesn’t mean you can’t have all the benefits that come with modern materials and locks. At Doormatic, we’re always happy to recommend the right style to suit a property.

How much is your home worth?

Linked to the last point, the way your house looks on the outside can have a big impact on its valuation. First impressions count for a lot, but more importantly, people will see any old features that need replacing as a reason to lower the estimate on the worth of your home. By installing a brand new garage door, not only will your home look fresher, but potential buyers will be more inclined to put in an offer knowing that there is one less thing for them to worry about if they were to move in.

Extra space with a roller garage door

If you’re looking for more space – whether that’s on your own driveway or inside the garage itself – then a roller garage door is a very sensible investment. Replace an old up and over or side-hinged garage door with a roller door and you’ll be able to park your car right up to the door and still get easy access into your garage. Likewise, the inside of your garage can be filled right up to the door if you need, since the door itself rolls up vertically and doesn’t take up space the way other doors do. It’s an extra convenience that makes replacing your old garage door worth doing.

If your garage door is old, worn, damaged or has become frustrating to operate, don’t put up with it any longer. Contact our friendly, professional team at Doormatic Garage Doors today. We offer an average turnaround time of four weeks on new garage doors – sometimes even quicker depending on your needs – and our specialists cover the South East, including areas such as Surrey, London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Devon, Hampshire, West Sussex and Kent.

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