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Top Garage Storage Ideas – with Infographic!

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Top Garage Storage Ideas – with Infographic!

If your garage is looking a little cluttered there are plenty of simple garage storage solutions to keep it neat, tidy, and looking as good on the inside as it does outside. You don’t have to be a DIY enthusiast to give your garage a storage makeover. Our handy garage organisation tips are easy to execute, and often have shop-bought alternatives if you don’t feel like getting your hands dirty. Take a look at our infographic and article below!

Garage storage ideas

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Organisation is key: There’s no point in creating storage for the content of your garage if half of it is old and unused. Before you dust off the drill and get creative with garage storage ideas, it might be worth having a clearout. You may find that many of your items can either be discarded, given to charity, or would find a more suitable home in another area of the house.

Suspended Shelving: Just below the garage ceiling lies plenty of unused space, perfect for the installation of a suspended shelf. Tucked away at the top of the garage, these shelves are non-intrusive storage solutions that can hold several medium storage boxes full of odds and ends.

Wheelbarrow Wall-Hanging: Are you tired of your wheelbarrow falling over when not in use? Or of hauling down from a high-up location? Just one simple wall bracket can keep it safe and secure in the propped position for quick, easy access.

Folding Tool Cabinet: Don’t leave your tools languishing in a rusty tool box. If you dabble in DIY, it’s important to have all your equipment contained in one place. A folding tool cabinet is a stow-away, space saving feature that makes all tools organised and visible. Simply construct two or three pegboard boxes, complete with installed hooks, and hinge them together. Mount the completed hinge box onto the wall, securing it firmly.

Hooks Away: If you like to keep storage simple, wall and ceiling hooks can work wonders at getting some key items safely off the ground and somewhere more easy to reach. Anything from spades, tools, clothing, and sports equipment can be placed on these handy features.

Hose Bucket: Hoses are heavy, cumbersome and difficult to store. A little known trick is to fit a large bucket to the wall, using the hollow plastic structure to wind the large hose around. For added advantage, the bucket itself can also double up as a storage area.

Bike Rack: Tripping over bicycles can be a daily annoyance in a disorganised garage. Keep your bike up and out of the way with a simple homemade bike rack.

Shelving: If you like to keep things old school, install some standard shelving. These are available to buy and assemble from major DIY stores, but it is far cheaper to make your own from excess wood and screws; this way you can personalise the dimensions to suit specific items.

Fold-Away Work Table: If you use your garage for activities that need a work space, the required table can eat into your valuable space. Consider building or buying a foldaway version instead to conserve room.

Group and Label: Once you’ve reorganised your garage, it may initially be disorientating to remember where everything is. For example, if lots of items are now neatly stored in boxes, ensure you label these boxes clearly to avoid confusion. It’s also a huge help to group similar items together.

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