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From pesky problems to creative solutions, fix your doors now!

The Garage door is probably the most underrated household function across the UK and often because of this, the same common problems seem to arise time and time again. Here at Doormatic we are going to give you a few a hints and tips on how to solve and prevent those pesky problems so that you can avoid having to pay out for any repair bills.

Garage door becomes stuck when opening and closing

Okay so this is an extremely common problem with garage doors and can be caused from a variety of different issues. A sudden change in temperature/weather can affect the lubricant on the garage doors hinges causing the garage door to stick as well as other issues such as the garage doors being hung unevenly. In order to prevent this from happening firstly you must use a non silicone-based lubricant on the doors hinges, springs and bearings. Additionally, check that all cables and springs that hold your door are of an even length and width. If you find that your garage door is uneven give us a call, tell us the problem, and we will send someone out to have a look in a jiffy! If its just that the lubricant has become stiff simply lubricate it again and all should be back to a smooth working order.

When a garage door is released it falls down

Ideally a garage door should remain in position once released, however if this isn’t the case and the door simply falls down, then this means that the extension springs need replacing due to wear and tear. If you have trouble replacing these by yourself all you need to do is give us a call at Doormatic and we can replace them for you.

The garage door moves to the side unevenly

This is often caused by obstruction from debris in the tracks where the wheels run, to resolve this simply clear and clean the obstructions on the tracks.  However, if the problem continues you may need to check the quality of the springs and that they are all of the same length and stretch and replace where is necessary.


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