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The Most Common Garage Door Myths BUSTED By The Experts

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The Most Common Garage Door Myths BUSTED By The Experts


Myth #1 You Will Save Money if You Only Call a Door Technician When Something Breaks

As you very well know, the garage door is the largest moving object in most homes. Held together by many components that work together, they are vital to the function and overall safety of the garage door. Every piece and every part is all connected so repairing just one or some of the parts can cause your door to become unbalanced. This will put unnecessary strain on the opener and springs leading to further damage as well as expensive repair bills to fix the problem that could have been prevented in the first place.

Most parts are only sold in pairs to emphasize the fact that replacing both of them is incredibly important. If all of your rollers are showing signs of wear and tear but only one is broken, it takes common sense to know that fixing one broken roller will not do any good. A frayed or broken cable indicates that the pulleys and bottom fixtures may also need replacing. If one extension spring has broken, you can be sure that the other will soon follow. Doormatic recommend that you visually inspect all of the moving components each month, checking for rust, fraying and excessive wear and tear.

Just like any other regular household appliances, your garage door and operating system will require regular garage door maintenance in order to live a long and healthy life. Good annual planned maintenance can prevent more expensive problems from arising if you are able to spot them before they get worse. With reduced labour rates, lubrication, adjustments and forecasted estimates for repairs, if you are looking to save money, Doormatic’s maintenance programme is the best investment you can make to increase the working life expectancy of your garage door.

Myth #2 Anyone Can Install A Garage Door

Did you know that the average garage door can weigh up to 400 pounds or more depending on its size and construction? The spring and cable system that lifts such a heavy object is constantly under extremely high tension when in use and can cause serious injury or even death if handled by an amateur without the correct tools. Unfortunately, thousands of injuries happen every year due to garage door DIY projects and therefore for this reason, Doormatic strongly advise that you hire a professional for the installation or repair of any garage door.

Certain abilities and appropriate tools are needed in order to install a garage door securely and safely – especially the springs. Carpentry experience, mechanical aptitude, adhering to the instruction manual, and expert tool skills are all compulsory when installing a garage door. Our certified technicians at Doormatic go through constant training both on the job and at corporate seminars to keep up to date with new products and new methods and installation techniques. Please never work on a garage door without the correct set of tools, experience and skill.

We are fully aware that homeowners are constantly on the look for an opportunity to pull those purse strings and save some money. DIY projects are of course the first way to cut the costs at home; however, not every job should be done at home without the help of a professional. Sometimes, it’s worth paying that little extra to guarantee yours and your family’s safety and to avoid further costs that can incur further down the line.


Myth #3 – A Garage Door Opener Is Just A Luxury

Garage door openers started out way back in 1926 before the electric garage door opener was born out of necessity. As vehicles were becoming vastly attainable, people needed somewhere to store their cars in a safe environment.

These days, garage door openers have many useful features and are mainly built for safety, security and to increase the life expectancy of your garage door. Here at Doormatic, we believe that every homeowner deserves some peace of mind and a new garage door opener can provide exactly that.



DC motors provide a soft start and soft stop feature which allows the door to open and close gently to reduce wear and tear. Internal diagnostics will constantly monitor the operation of the garage door so that it can stop safely when a significant change takes place. Doormatic also provide a battery backup system to keep your door running smoothly even during a power cut.


Safety & Security

The auto-reverse feature required in every door opener will prevent the door from colliding and squashing any obstructions when closing. With a fraction of a second, the door senses an obstruction and will instantly open.

The remote controls are dual frequency and they will automatically detect the most dependable signal so that you are never left out in the cold. With just a press of a button on the remote control, a new code can be chosen from over 4 billion enigmatic possible combinations preventing others from being able to hack into your radio signal. Our Sure Lock features will disable any remote use of the garage whilst you are away on holiday.



For all the tech-wizards out there, we provide a network adapter which works alongside accessories such as the LC touch screen and the Door Report garage door wall console.


How We Can Help You

At Doormatic, we’re dedicated to providing you with honest, clear and objective advice, so that you can make an informed and stress-free choice that fits your home and family’s needs today – and tomorrow.

Contact us today to learn more about our selection of overhead garage doors and how to spot the myths from the truth. We’re always here to help – Give us a call today!

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