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How To Turn Your Garage Into A Gym

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How To Turn Your Garage Into A Gym

Turning your garage into your own private gym isn’t for everyone, but one active couple found a great way to utilize their garage space by transforming it into a year round gym.

For some people, physical fitness is an important part of their lifestyle. After a busy day at work, Sarah and Mike like to unwind by working out in the gym. Sarah enjoys working out and riding her bike. Between them, they have plenty of sporting equipment such as bicycles, weights, tennis rackets etc…

Instead of putting everything in a basement, they decided to change their single car garage into a home gym.


Because the garage will be used all year round, it will need extra insulations for the cold winter months. The overhead space will need expanding due to all of the sporting equipment and the need to increase headroom. Because the floor space is limited, every inch will need to be used efficiently. It will need to be easy to clean and secure when they are not at home and most importantly, the transformation will need to be within their budget.

Plan Of Action

Now, all challenges will need to be addressed in order to design a plan that would transform their employ unused garage into a spectacular work out area with plenty of storage space.


Sarah and Mike’s garage walls were already insulated, however their garage door was not. They called us here at Doormatic to replace their old door with an insulated steel garage door. We then installed a garage heater near the garage door to ensure the space would be warm throughout the cold winter months.

Headroom and Security

A high-lift garage door conversion allows the garage door to open at a higher level that’s closer to the ceiling. This provides plenty of space for overhead workouts. A wall mounted garage door opener was then installed for extra high lift conversion.


Many different solutions were offered to make the most out of their floor and storage space. A horizontal slat wall system maximized the storage for accessories such as utility bins. Bigger shelves provided storage for sports equipment and wall hooks were created to hang items.

Overhead racks were placed to help them create a fair balance between overhead storage and open space. They were cautious when insertng overhead racks into their garage because too much overhead storage would make the room feel very small. Ceiling space is very important for gym equipment, especially the treadmill. However, if the garage was not being used as a gym, then more overhead storage could easily have been added.


No gym wants a cold concrete floor, especially during the winter months. Sarah and Mike decided to opt for a high quality coating that was applied to their concrete floor. This instantly transformed the space from an old unused garage into a professional workout space. This floor coating will withstand steady foot traffic and is also chemical friendly.

Thinking of turning your garage into a gym?

Transforming your garage space into a gym will be a healthy investment. You will be able to use it all year round and save money on expensive gym memberships – there will never be an excuse to not workout due to bad weather! This is a great investment for your home and your lifestyle.

If you would like more information about garage doors and garage space, why not give us a call at Doormatic today? We are here to help!

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