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What You Need To Know When Buying a Garage Door

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What You Need To Know When Buying a Garage Door

An important investment for any home owner would include a garage door. Not only it adds functionality, but it can also add beauty to your home what with it being a distinguishable feature. Thus, before buying new or replacement garage doors, there are a lot of factors you need to consider first.

Door Type and House Space

The most common purchase these days for, either new or replacement garage doors, is the Rolled Up type.  This popularity results from the fact that a rolled up garage door does not need much space.  You only need a drum placed above your garage opening for it to function.

There’s also the Overhead Sectional garage door, a type that is composed of separate horizontally-attached panels that move up into the ceiling of your garage.  It works both for short and long driveways since it doesn’t need much space for opening and closing.

The Up an Over type only works if you have a long driveway since it needs to swing out first before moving up, thus inhibiting you to pull up close to the garage door before it fully opens.

There’s also the Traditional type that works just like other doors in your house since it is the hinge type.  You should select which type would work best based on the structure and space available in your home.


Steel/metal is the most popular material used.  It’s affordable and requires low maintenance.  There are various types of steel, differing from both texture and thickness.  The down side of steel is that it doesn’t insulate well, produce much noise, and low resistance to impact.  Insulated steel doors are already available on the market, and although they cost more, the long-term effects can be well worth the price you pay.

Another common material used is wood.  Wood appeals best for those wanting an elegant, traditional look for their garage door.  It’s also a fine insulator, but it needs more maintenance than steel doors.

Fibreglass is another material used for a garage door. It is very light but doesn’t insulate well.  It is more resistant to impact than steel though, as well as from corrosion.


Most contractors will do the installation for you.  This is probably for the best since putting up new or replacement garage doors is not really a simple project.  You need the appropriate technical skills, experience, and equipment.  By allowing this, you don’t only save time and effort, but money as well since there’s little chance of them doing it wrong and starting again.

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