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How To Open Your Garage Door In A Power Cut!

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How To Open Your Garage Door In A Power Cut!

Don’t be left in the dark due to a lack of spark!

Although power cuts are quite often a rare occurrence across the UK, when they do happen, they can often bring neighbourhoods to a complete standstill.

One of the biggest “ohhhhh….” Moments for many individuals and families during a power cut will be that their vehicle is stuck in their automatic garage door.

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with this handy article to show you how the problem can be easily solved in these quick steps:

1.   Firstly, you will need to locate your automatic garage doors emergency release cord – this is usually easily found hanging from the doors opening rail. It should be located by the area where your garage door connects to the doors arm.

2.   Pull the emergency cord so that it unlocks the device that attaches the door to the arm. Please remember that whilst the cord is designed to not be pulled lightly as an accident, it should pull fairly easily without excess pressure or strain.

3.   Once this has been pulled, you will be able to manually open your garage door by simply lifting the handle that’s located at the bottom of the door.

When Power Returns! *Rejoices*

You can now switch your garage door back from manual to automatic by following these steps:

1.   Manually open the garage door fully.

2.   Push the button or switch that will open the garage door.

3.   Pull the door now until it contracts.


It’s important to note that if your garage door does not appear to have a manual lock, once you disengage this it could now be opened by anyone. As an extra security measure, you may want to remove any valuables from inside the garage until the power returns.

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