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NEVER pay for service again: The Expert Service Guide

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NEVER pay for service again: The Expert Service Guide

Make no mistake, your garage door is the largest moving part in your entire home, and is used frequently at any hour, throughout all of the yearly seasons. In order to ensure your garage door runs smoothly for many years to come, it’s crucial that you take the time to perform regular preventive checks and maintenance techniques. Here is a list of the ten preventive checks all homeowners must carry out in order to maintain a successful garage door service:

  1. Review and replace old springs.

The main purpose for a garage door spring is to ensure that the door opens smoothly and safely at all times. The springs act as counterweights to relieve the pressure and strain off the door so the doors are able to function in a safe manner. Here at Doormatic we would consider the springs of the garage door as one of the most important components of the doors opening system.

Like everything, to ensure things are working and functioning as well as they should be, we must carry out regular inspection. We advise an inspection every month to ensure your garage door springs are checked for any defects, such as rusting and squeaky sounds etc…

However if you have an older and more traditional styled garage door, you should really have your springs checked over by a professional so they can replace if needed. Additionally, if your garage has two springs you will need to ensure that both springs are replaced. If you replace just one of the springs then you will lose balance and could create further damage further down the line.

  1.   Inspect the Cables

Its extremely important that you check your cables. These can be found attached to the spring system at the bottom brackets on either side of the door. If your cables are damaged you must have these replaced sooner rather than later as they could cause serious injury.

  1.   Creaky Springs?

Many people get confused as to whether there really is a problem with their springs because they can be creaky and noisy on a regular and normal basis. The easiest way to spot abnormalities is to give them a once over with some lubricant and then if you see that the creaking hasn’t stopped then you will know that its time to give the professionals a call.

  1. For the Garage Door Know-It-Alls

No matter how clued up you may be when it comes to garage doors, installing a garage door is extremely dangerous and should be left to the professionals at all times.  Here at Doormatic, we recommend that trained technicians with exceptional experience in the field should install your garage doors. If you attempt the installation by yourself (not recommended) then you must certainly, at least, follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully.

  1. Get a Safety Cable

For those of you with garage door extension springs, its important that you have a safety cable running through the springs to secure to the wall/ceiling from both sides. The safety cable will be able to keep a broken spring contained so that when it does break, the garage door will not suddenly collapse and cause serious injury to you or your family.

  1. Slow opening door?

For those of you with a manual garage door, you should firstly check for any obstructions in the doors tracks. If you find there is some debris that has become stuck,  simply remove it and the problem should be resolved. If there is still a problem, it could be due to the fact that there is not enough lubricant due to weather conditions.

Lastly, if the problem persisted be sure to check the batteries in your remote control garage door opening device as they may need replacing.

Even the best garage doors require maintenance from time to time to keep them in perfect working order. When you buy a new door, you will want to make sure it lasts you many years and because it’s the largest moving part of your home, over time parts will wear down and will need replacing. Although you should be carrying out regular maintenance checks on your garage door, you should be additionally making sure that your door is inspected by a trained professional to ensure its operating safely and smoothly.


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