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Hormann Garage Doors Built To Last

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Hormann Garage Doors Built To Last

One of the things that make a garage door par excellence is its ability to stand the test of time.  This is among the first things to look for if you want to save your long term costs as well as ensuring the safety of your possessions.  Hormann garage doors have given customers just that satisfaction.

Superb Engineering in State-of-the-Art Facilities

The company has made a reputation of surpassing the standard requirements for all the thirty countries it serves.  Horman garage doors are made with the strongest materials.  These are made even stronger because of German engineering technology.  A Hormann garage door wouldn’t be put out into the market without first being subject to highly specialised endurance testing in one of their many factories.  Once the standard and durability of a door is tested and guaranteed, only then is it distributed in over thirty countries worldwide.

Amazing Resistance

The panelling of any Hormann garage door is guaranteed to withstand the force of the elements.  Your panelling is not just plain steel but protected with two layers of polyester coating.  If you are getting a commercial garage door, then rest assured that high-grade, heavy duty materials are used ensuring that not only air infiltration is minimised, but also the insulating properties of the door is maximised.

Also, because of top notch engineering, Hormann garage doors can withstand winds as strong as 150 mph!  If you need anything stronger than that, you can contact your nearest Hormann dealer and discuss your specifications.

Aside from the winds, water can also pose a tough challenge for garage door durability, especially if it’s made with subpar materials!  With Hormann garage doors, not only are each type made from high-grade materials, they also offer you the opportunity to choose a certain type, like those manufactured with polyethylene panels that resist corrosion or those sealed with  vinyl between the panels thus protecting the door from wear and tear.

Specialised Features


Another thing that sets a Hormann garage door above the others is that safety features are incorporated in the manufacturing and installation of their products, like their top notch locking systems.  With the kind of technology they use, it’s practically impossible to get through a locked garage door without breaking the whole thing down.  The locking system is not only automatic, but it also has safety features that prevent unnecessary hazards, like getting your fingers caught, from happening.

Whatever type of garage door suits you, be it residential or commercial, with Hormann garage doors you can surely get the durability, efficacy, style, and security you have been looking for.

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