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Should you invest in a garage door seal?

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Should you invest in a garage door seal?

A garage door seal will enable the garage to remain cool during the summer and warm in winter. If you place a seal along the floor by the forefront of the garage, you will notice that it will weather-proof the garage and keep rain at bay.

Should I really run a strip along the width of the garage?

This blog post explains the advantages of garage door seals and for those of you who have never used them, you might want to read on further…

What are garage door seals?

Garage door seals basically exclude water and draught. At Doormatic door seals are very popular amongst homeowners and are often used to fit around the edges of doors in their own home in addition to their garage. Most seals are made from the durable compound rubber to battle against every type of weather condition that can be thrown at your garage door. It’s a fantastic solution for those windy and rainy days that we tend to get a lot of here in England. Seals are simple to fit and are a very effective solution to prevent moisture and draught from seeping through the floor of the garage.

How garage door seals work   

Garage door seals are placed just at the bottom of the garage. As the door closes, it will gently close together with the edge of the seal to create instant protection from the outside weather. There are various door strips available to fit any size or shape garage door. A member of our team would be more than happy to assist you on how to measure the gap distance at the bottom of your garage door so you can get a clear indication of the exact size of strip you will need.

What you need to be aware of

You need to ensure the strip fits the height, length and width of your garage door. If you get the wrong size then the seal will have a considerably less effect because dirt, water, debris and cold air will still be able to penetrate through the incorrect sized seal. Your garage door seal should sit perfectly within the door frame.

Another factor you should consider is the quality of materials. It’s worth investing in a garage seal that’s strong and not flimsy.

To conclude…

Garage door seals are great for many reasons, first of all, they stop water from seeping through from your garage door. This is very important especially during those windy winter seasons. A garage door seal will help keep damp at bay and will help keep your tools mould free and they will also prevent dirt, debris and leaves from sneaking through the bottom of your garage door.

Overall, garage door seals are a great investment if you are looking to:

  • Keep out rainwater
  • Keep out debris
  • Stop condensation
  • Keep out mice
  • Improve insulation

At Doormatic we truly believe that garage door seals are worth the investment because the benefits listed above are incredibly important to homeowners.

If you would like any more information on garage door seals or garage doors in general, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly advisers at doormatic.

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