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Replace Or Repair Your Garage Door Panel?

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Replace Or Repair Your Garage Door Panel?

One of the most common questions asked here at Doormatic is whether it’s better to repair or replace a damaged garage door panel. And the answer greatly depends on a number of different factors as listed below. Usually, we would recommend to replace, but before doing so you may want to read these considerations:

  1. How old is your garage door?

The life expectancy varies from a couple of years to decades, and if your garage door is quite old, then generally it would make more sense to replace the damaged door panel than to repair it. With many older garage doors, they are no longer available in the market to replace, and therefore finding an exact or even a similar door could prove to be difficult and expensive.

  1. Will it scream curb appeal?!

If you’re looking to move house in the future then you may want to consider boosting your all important curb appeal. Replacing your door panel rather than repairing it will help you achieve the WOW factor which can even lead to higher offers and more interest in buying your stunning home. And what’s even better? You will most likely recover the costs of a replacement from your new higher offer – or you could even make a profit!

  1. How did the panel become damaged?

If your garage door panel became damaged because one of the kids on the street kicked a football into the panel, then by all means you should go ahead and repair it. However, if it has been banged by a car or any other larger appliance then replacements are also recommend to ensure safety.

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In order to determine whether you should replace or repair your damaged garage door panel, you should talk to one of our advisers on the phone. We will happily send over one of our experienced and friendly technicians from Doormatic to inspect the damaged door panel and give you a clear and concise recommendation.

If you would like one of our technicians to fully inspect your entire garage door system to make sure everything is in full working order, then they will be more than happy to do so upon your visit.

Get the reassurance you need from Doormatic today and give us a call – We are here to help!

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