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Garage Doors and CE Marking

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Garage Doors and CE Marking

The CE mark is found on a wide range of products in Europe. It is a legal declaration made by a manufacturer that states that their product complies with regulations or directives of the European single market. There are many marks depending on the type of product, and this includes garage doors.

The CPD and the CPR

In the garage door industry, the Construction Products Directive (CPD) ensured that the CE mark was used on certain products as the best way to demonstrate that the doors were safe and complied with regulations. But the CPD was replaced with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in 2013.

The CPR makes it a legal requirement for all products to be CE marked. Many garage door manufacturers already used CE marks on all of their products before this to show that they complied with the standards, but now it is mandatory for all manufacturers and installers.

The CE Mark Gives the Buyer Confidence

Garage doors must comply with EU legislation to show that they are safe to use. When you buy a garage door, as well as buying a product that is stylish, durable and easy to use, you will want to know that it is safe to use. Garage doors that meet all of the requirements and are safe to use can give you more confidence when you buy your door, so always look for the CE mark.

Make Sure You Buy Your Garage Doors from Trusted Sellers

To ensure that you buy the safest door possible, it is often a good idea to stick with the largest and most trusted manufacturers. Look for names like CarTeck, Hormann and Cardale among others, and ask your seller about these brands and why they are superior.

A specialist seller will not only know all about these manufacturers, but they will usually be able to arrange the installation as well. Make sure you get a professional to install your garage door because even if it has the CE mark, if it is installed badly, it can be dangerous.

Also, avoid trying to find the cheapest garage door that you can. Some garage doors may look the same from the outside, but on the inside they are very different. When it comes to garage doors, you usually get what you pay for.

Choose a Safe Door for Your Garage

Don’t take risks when you buy your garage door. Always make sure that it has a CE mark, but go beyond this and search for a door from a respected manufacturer with a history of manufacturing safe and durable garage doors. Also make sure you buy your door from a reliable seller with experience and knowledge of the industry who can also provide a professional installation service, or can at least recommend a good installer.

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