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Curbside Appeal: Reflect your way of life

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Doormatic Garage Doors

Curbside Appeal: Reflect your way of life

If your garage door is outdated and aged you’re probably debating whether to give them an update. Doormatic offer an incredible wide range of new styles, colours and designs that allow you to pick a garage door that will reflect your way of life. Updating your garage doors will accent the prevailing architecture that is included in curbside appeal.

Quite often enough the garage door is the first thing that people see and can be considered as the most important architectural element of your home. Most houses these days are designed with garages that are visible from the front and onto the street.

Replacing or upgrading your old garage doors with our Doormatic doors can instantly boost the appearance of your home – as it is an extension of your home after all!

Additionally, recent surveys have suggested that over 71% of homeowners that have recently upgraded their garage doors have increased the overall value of their home.

Doormatic doors are incredibly well insulated, secure and come in an extensive wide range of colours, materials and designs to choose from. You can easily give us a call for assistance on which materials are the best for your home so that you can learn the advantages of each one.

Our advisors at Doormatic would usually advise customers that are trying to decide on a new garage door to firstly consider the style of their home. It’s important that the door compliments the architecture of the building for example; a carriage house style garage door may look odd when extended onto a contemporary home.

Secondly, we would suggest that you determine if you want your new door to stand out or to simply blend with the rest of your building’s exterior. We believe that the colour of your garage door should complement the overall house colour as well as the windows trim colours.

Another important factor to consider is weather, this plays an important part when choosing the right door, for example if your location is susceptible to high winds and storms then it’s important that you choose a product that’s wind resistant.

For more hints and tips on how to achieve curbisde appeal follow our twitter page and add us on facebook.

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