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10 Reasons Why Cheap Garage Doors Can End Up Costing You More Down The Road…

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10 Reasons Why Cheap Garage Doors Can End Up Costing You More Down The Road…

Of course no matter who we are or how much money we have in the bank, we all love getting a bargain!

It could be the big red SALE ticket splashed across your favourite perfume set or a fantastic mortgage deal rate for your dream home. Or it could be rather small but simply satisfying – such as a buy one get one free sale on shampoo and conditioner.

However, although it makes perfect sense to get more than what you pay for, there are times for us when it doesn’t really work out well for us in the long-run. For example, furniture is a great example, it can be said that furniture is a fantastic invest if you want it to last years down the line. Instead of saving money and feeling satisfied, we end up having to spend the money that we saved and more on replacing them. Not to mention the added stress! Unfortunately it is not only the case for just furniture, many homeowners experience this when they opt for buying a cheap garage door.

The Reason Why A Garage Door Appears To Be Dirt Cheap…

Garage doors are not cheap by accident. They are cheap for many reasons and all these reasons are most definitely not in your best interest. For example, you will find that dirt cheap garage doors normally:

  1. Are made with low quality materials
  2. Have a very short lifespan of approximately 2 years
  3. Have hinges, cables, rollers, and other components that are not designed to battle out every day wear and tear.
  4. Require plenty of time, money and effort in replacing different parts
  5. Dent easily (not good for when the kids are playing football on the front of the house)
  6. Not energy efficient and therefore they will add to the costs of your heating and air con costs.
  7. Very noisy and can affect your indoor leisure and lifestyle activities
  8. May be less secure which can be a great way to INVITE burglars.
  9. Have no backed up warranty, care plan or maintenance service plan.
    And of course we have saved the best till last… this is a major factor that you should be aware of when buying dirt cheap garage doors, and one that many companies do not want you to know about….
  10. An inferior garage door can drastically lower the resale value of your home. Therefore, those wonderful savings you are depending on in the future could be offset or completely wiped out if you get your house up on the property market one day. 

Please keep in mind that whilst cheap at the time seems great for your purse strings on the day, the value will be shockingly bad and it will end up costing you more money down in the line in the long run. Basically, the moral of the story is that seeking value is clever, and you should always make sure you are getting a great deal when you purchase a new garage door – or anything in that matter.

However, if you plan on chasing the cheapest price and ignoring all the other important factors such as, quality, materials, workmanship, reliability, guarantee, durability, reliability, energy efficiency, etc – then it is a recipe for disaster that includes added stress, time and money down the road.

At Doormatic Garage Doors, we take pride on our ability to provide fantastic value that is 100% in our customers best interest. We are not here to just make a sale – we want to build a positive working relationship.

Why not give us a call today to find out more information, advice and guidance that will help lead you to making the right decision – which is one where you not only get a great deal but you will also get peace of mind, guarantee, workmanship and excellent customer service.

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