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How To Child-Proof Your Garage

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How To Child-Proof Your Garage

Families with kids will be well aware about the necessity of child-proofing their homes; in particularly from infants and young children who like to share curiosity for the most dangerous things!

However, many areas of the house that parents often forget to include when childproofing is: the garage.

You may be asking yourself how can the garage door be hazardous to children when it appears to be a pretty normal space for most of us. However, it can be a rather fascinating place for young children who can quickly find something to play with in their that could cause harm and injury.

How to make your garage safe for children

To keep your children and family safe, here are 10 tips you should perform to ensure you garage is child-proof:

  1. Break the sensor beam when your door is on its way down. This will let you test the reverse feature on the garage door opening system. If it’s working as it should, the door will stop immediately and reverse itself. If this does not happen or if the garage continues to close even with the sensor beam obstructed, then you will need to give an expert a call right away for immediate service.
  2. Ensure your car is locked at all times. The reason being is that many cars have rear fold-down seats that allow access to the rear from the inside.
  3. Keep all chemicals in a high reach area. The same goes for any other potentially harmful materials – or cover them so children are unable to see them.
  4. Be careful where you store your lawn mower. Same goes for your gardening tools as these are large tools that could easily fall and cause injury.
  5. Lock all appliances that are inside the garage. This includes washing machines, dryers, fridges etc… Children love to play games around large appliances that could cause injury.
  6. Keep all tools out of reach. Many tools could cause harm to children if they try to play with them.
  7. All buckets should be tipped upside down. This will stop children from being able to pour liquids inside.
  8. All recycling and garbage containers should be locked. Ensure that these are kept off limits at all times!
  9. Store sports equipment out of reach. This includes baseball bats and golf clubs etc – you need to ensure they are kept in a place that can’t be accessed easily. These items can cause serious injury.
  10. Clearly explain garage safety “do’s” and “don’ts”. Although kids most of the time never really like to listen to their parents, this should not be an excuse to not talk to them. Obviously, if your children are too young to understand the safety issues and garage concepts, you can still give them the basic message. Prevention is key to avoiding disastrous accidents!

Got any questions regarding Garage safety? Give Us A Call!

Although the experts here at Doormatic can’t physically clean up your garage door for you, we can certainly check your garage door system and ensure that it’s running safely.

Why not give us a quick call today and book in for a check-up service so our experts can carefully inspect your garage door system fully. They will be able to identify any problem areas that may require immediate attention.

Our safety and satisfaction are always our number 1 priority!

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