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The Problem With Cheap Roller Garage Doors

When you get offered a roller door on the cheap, it's worth asking yourself why the price is impossibly low in the first place. Here, we break down what you're getting - or rather, not getting - from cheap roller garage companies versus our own professional offering.

Who we are

A professional garage door company with decades of experience, providing a comprehensive range of door styles for you to choose from, along with installation and repairs via our team of garage door specialists.

Who they are

Salespeople with one product - roller doors - and subcontractors who don’t care about the quality of the work. They tell you only what they want to tell you, and sell you only what suits them.

What we offer

What they offer

All garage doors styles

One-size-fits-no-one product

Professional installation

No installation

Repairs and aftercare options

No after-sales support

Safe and legal products

Products not fit for purpose

Transparency and honesty

Loopholes and fine print

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

- Abraham Maslow

If they only have roller doors, what do you think their solution will be? This is not always the right option for everyone.

Wall of Shame

This door leaves gaps by the slates so that all insulation is void. They have also made the protective box out of additional slates instead of creating a separate box sections out of aluminium.

This has started to damage itself, with company wanting nothing to do with the warranty.

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