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What is an overlap trackless garage door?

Relatively new to the UK, the overlap trackless garage door is in fact the answer to many peoples’ problems in one garage door!

The overlap trackless garage door is produced in timber and then fully treated and finished in the factory to provide a perfectly looking finished door. The individual mechanism uses a counterbalance weight system with large cables to lift the door panels from the sides vertically so that the lower panel of the door tilts to slide under the upper panel.

It is a door that has no internal tracking meaning no more internal issues and vaulted ceilings!
Doormatic provide a huge choice of high quality timber finishes in species such as, Mahogany, Oak, Larch and many more.

This type of door provides an excellent high level of security and insulation due to the construction of the panels. Double skinned with a honeycomb internal core, along with rubber seals to finish the sealing securely when closed.

Great news for those that thrive on individuality, all doors can be made to measure to ensure the best fit for your garage door opening.

Our collection of modern and sleek designs provides you with the opportunity to choose door panels of any colour. If required, you can have a bespoke design made for you so that your door is made exactly to your requirements.

The overlap trackless garage door not only solves the common problems inside and around the opening, the vertical opening function allows you to park your car right up to the door. The lack of internal tracking means that only half of the door will ever enter the garage once fully opened.

Additionally, the double skinned and well insulated panels provide the peace of mind for security.

If you are looking for something other than timber, there is a complete full range of insulated double skinned steel panels using the tried and tested properties of a sectional garage door panel. These doors are made to order and come in a wide range of finishes and colours.

If you would like to know more about these doors and of our wide selection then please do not hesitate to give one of our friendly and experienced advisors a call now – we’re here to help!

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