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Category: Other

Garage door Weather-stripping – How hard can it be?

26 Nov 2014

Garage door Weather-stripping serves the purpose of keeping the cold and the heat out of your garage. However, there are two types of weather-stripping such as top and side, and…

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The Top 5 Garage Door Myths Explained: Fact or Fiction

10 Nov 2014

When browsing for your new garage door, it’s imperative that you separate the facts from the myths to ensure you make the right decision – without regret. However, separating myths…

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Guide to Choosing Quality Garage Doors

9 Nov 2014

When you choose a new garage door, you want to make sure that you are choosing a high quality product. Doors that are high quality will last longer and provide…

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From pesky problems to creative solutions, fix your doors now!

22 Oct 2014

The Garage door is probably the most underrated household function across the UK and often because of this, the same common problems seem to arise time and time again. Here…

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The Truth Behind Cheap Garage Doors

10 Oct 2014

When you start searching for a new garage door, it can be tempting to simply look for the cheapest one you can find. However, this is not always the best…

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5 Top Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Need To Know For Winter

24 Aug 2014

With the howling winds and never ending rainfall, the winter season often feels like the longest season of them all, and for many homeowners it’s the time where they “winterize”…

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Garage Door Service: Keep Your Garage Door in Perfect Condition

22 Aug 2014

Even the best garage doors require maintenance from time to time to keep them in perfect working order. When you buy a new door, you will want to make sure…

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Garage Door Repairs: Common Problems to Look Out For

3 Aug 2014

High-quality garage doors are designed to work smoothly for many years, especially those from the best manufacturers. However, they can still go wrong from time to time and while some…

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Explained: Benefits Of The Pedestrian Garage Side Door

14 Jul 2014

Here at Doormatic, we sell a substantial amount of different modes of garage doors every day and yet most customers are unaware of other doors that can enable access into…

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The Ideal Drive-Through Width for Your Garage

21 Jun 2014

When choosing a garage door, you often have no say over its size: you simply find a door that fits the available space. But what if you do have a…

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Garage Door Safety and Security Tips

14 May 2014

Modern garage doors are generally very safe to use, no matter what their size or style. However, they can be dangerous if not used properly, so there are some important…

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