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Category: Garage Doors

How to stop water from leaking in your garage door

18 Nov 2014

It’s an ugly sight: you’ve opened your garage door early in the morning, only to find that all that heavy rain from last night has left behind a puddle on…

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How To Choose The Right Garage Door

16 Oct 2014

Unfortunately there’s a lot more to choosing the perfect new garage door for your home than simply selecting the right colour or pattern. These days, you are given a large…

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3 Important benefits in choosing custom made

8 Oct 2014

Usually when it comes to customizing the look of our homes we automatically think of colours, styles, landscape layouts etc… Garage doors however, surely there are only limited selections available…

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5 Simple Garage Door Tips from the Experts

26 Sep 2014

Nobody wants to experience the scenario of your automatic garage door, which has served you well and reliably over the years, suddenly decides to go on vacation and leave you…

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How To Make Your Garage Door Pet Friendly

25 Sep 2014

If you’re an animal lover and share your home with one or more cats, dogs, hamsters or other cuddly creatures that aimlessly wander around your driveway, then one of your…

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5 Top Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Need To Know For Winter

24 Aug 2014

With the howling winds and never ending rainfall, the winter season often feels like the longest season of them all, and for many homeowners it’s the time where they “winterize”…

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3 Need-To-Know Tips: How To Prevent Damage To Your Garage Door

2 Aug 2014

So, many homeowners may view their garage door as well, let’s say, a door for your garage! And while yes this is true, but as-a-matter-of-fact, this is only part of…

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Curbside Appeal: Reflect your way of life

29 Jul 2014

If your garage door is outdated and aged you’re probably debating whether to give them an update. Doormatic offer an incredible wide range of new styles, colours and designs that…

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What You Need To Know When Buying a Garage Door

25 Jul 2014

An important investment for any home owner would include a garage door. Not only it adds functionality, but it can also add beauty to your home what with it being…

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Hormann Garage Doors Built To Last

17 Jul 2014

One of the things that make a garage door par excellence is its ability to stand the test of time.  This is among the first things to look for if…

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Why Cardale Make Such Good Garage Doors

15 Jul 2014

It is quite difficult to find a more trusted name in the garage door industry than Cardale Garage Doors.  For more than 50 years, they have been the leading garage…

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Explained: Benefits Of The Pedestrian Garage Side Door

14 Jul 2014

Here at Doormatic, we sell a substantial amount of different modes of garage doors every day and yet most customers are unaware of other doors that can enable access into…

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