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Category: Garage Doors

How To Remove Grease and Oil Stains From Your Garage Floor

24 Aug 2015

For many of you, you will have noticed that working in the garage can often lead to a lot of oil and grease spillage. However, you do not need to…

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Why Everyone Is Going CRAZY for Wood-Like Steel Garage Doors!

17 Aug 2015

You may have noticed some snazzy looking wood-like garage doors in your neighbourhood that all seem to have that one thing in common. (besides looking snazzy of course) It seems…

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10 Reasons Why Cheap Garage Doors Can End Up Costing You More Down The Road…

10 Aug 2015

Of course no matter who we are or how much money we have in the bank, we all love getting a bargain! It could be the big red SALE ticket…

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3 Aug 2015

When answering this question Hormann believe all garage doors should be as insulated as much as it can be made possible. Hormanns range of aluminium front entrance doors otherwise known…

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27 Jul 2015

Have you ever wondered how a garage door locks when an electric opener has been fitted? There are so many different ways that a garage door can lock by using…

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13 Jul 2015

Tips on Buying Side Hinged Garage Doors and Personnel Doors By Doormatic Without a doubt, side hinged garage doors are still one of the most popular and commonly searched for…

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Simple Ways to Save Money and Reduce Stress

6 Jul 2015

It does not have to be late December or early January where you make a new year resolution. Why not make yours in the middle of the year and switch…

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Bundle-Up Your Garage From The Cold

29 Jun 2015

Although the official start to winter is still a awhile away, much of the country is already experiencing winter-like temperatures and will be after the next several months – knowing…

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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Garage Door

22 Jun 2015

We’re all aware of the proactive steps we need to take in order to extend the life of our cars and our other important electricals, and even when we’re going…

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4 “Red Flag” Phrases to Keep An Eye Out for from any Garage Door Company

20 Jun 2015

Throughout everyday life, there are always signs that are made clear that we are blatantly not supposed to do or touch something, for example, not to proceed pass the railroad…

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Signs that You’re Working with an Unprofessional or Unreliable Garage Door Company

8 Jun 2015

Here at Doormatic, the first thing you will notice about us is that we will never slate or insult our competition. Instead, as you’d expect from professionals, we focus on…

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Garage Door Openers – Screw vs. Belt vs. Chain Residential Garage Door Opener Options

1 Jun 2015

Automated garage door installation is a popular project for do-it-yourself people because of the ability to customize and control such variables as noise and speed. In general, you have three…

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