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Category: Garage Doors

How To Detect If Your Garage Door Springs Need Replacing

9 Nov 2015

Just like many other large appliances, your garage door system depends on various interconnected parts that all need to work together so the same target can be met: safe, efficient…

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Doormatic’s Garage Safety Guide

2 Nov 2015

Not only is your garage your storage area for unused household items, tools, chemicals and car equipment; your garage is your workshop. Although your garage is incredible useful for storage…

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How To Turn Your Garage Into A Gym

26 Oct 2015

Turning your garage into your own private gym isn’t for everyone, but one active couple found a great way to utilize their garage space by transforming it into a year…

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Five Factors To Keep In Mind When Expanding Your Garage

19 Oct 2015

Don’t create an excessive amount of space Getting that little bit of extra room inside your garage is something that everyone wants. You are able to increase the ability to…

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How to find a Garage Door Style in 3 Easy Steps

12 Oct 2015

At Doormatic, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We completely encourage clients to test a method before they’re buying as this can often determine the difference between a…

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How To Protect Your Family From Hackers!

5 Oct 2015

Did you know that a child’s toy can now hack into any garage door system in just a couple seconds? Usually, when people hear the word “hacking” they instantly associate…

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Telecommand Systems and Remote Controls

30 Sep 2015

A telecommand system must dependably and transparently convey control information from a reliable source (e.g., an individual user) to a remotely situated physical device or process. How controllers use infrared…

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Different Types Of Garage Door Springs Explained By The Experts

29 Sep 2015

If you are like the majority of homeowners, then you will have probably gave very little thought about your garage door, of course, until it fails and needs urgent attention.…

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How to Free Up Space In Your Garage By Using Overhead Storage

21 Sep 2015

Okay, so you probably haven’t seen your garage’s floor since the very first day you moved in or had it built. It’s been taken over by the bins, leftover supplies,…

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The Benefits Of Wind Tested Garage Doors

14 Sep 2015

If you are a regular reader of our Doormatic blog posts then you will have realised by now that you should only ever consider a garage door that has been…

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An Important Post for Our Senior Citizen Customers

3 Sep 2015

At Doormatic, we’ve proudly served homeowners across the UK for more than 20 years. In fact, some of our customers are second and even third-generation families! As you can imagine,…

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3 Things That Must NEVER Be Stored In Your Garage!

31 Aug 2015

Although we may not get many sunny days in our summer in the UK, but when we do, you can guarantee everyone’s outside on the patio catching the summer sun…

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