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Category: Garage Doors

automated garage doors

Automated Garage Doors Benefits

9 Dec 2016

Those of you who’ve already discovered the joys of automated garage doors will know exactly how satisfying they are to have and operate. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like…

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garage doors winter maintenance

Garage Doors Winter Maintenance Guide

1 Dec 2016

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… It’s that time of year again, with strong winds, increased rain and dropping temperatures. Yes, winter is here – and so is our garage…

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How To Keep Your Garage Heated SAFELY This Winter

29 Feb 2016

As usual, it has been another cold winter in the UK, one that was predicted to be the coldest one yet with prolonged periods of temperatures below average. When you…

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Watch Out For the Secret Costs of Buying a “Cheap” Garage Door

22 Feb 2016

Whether you are looking to buy a new home or a new TV unit, the main priority seems to remain the same, we all want to get a bargain! However,…

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Should you invest in a garage door seal?

4 Jan 2016

A garage door seal will enable the garage to remain cool during the summer and warm in winter. If you place a seal along the floor by the forefront of…

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3 Questions To Ask Your Garage Door Experts

28 Dec 2015

In the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions for 2016, you may have thought about giving your garage door a makeover. It’s important to try and put the excitement to…

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How To Boost Your Curb Appeal With Your Garage Door

21 Dec 2015

Ever since the 1980’s, builders  have been searching for different ways to provide bigger homes at cheap prices. With the increasing land costs and smaller sizes, this has made this…

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5 Reasons Why You Will Regret a DIY Garage Door

14 Dec 2015

When it comes to home improvement, there are many times when the DIY approach becomes a tempting bet. Mainly because of the amount of money it can save, and of…

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Connect Your Garage Doors To The Great Outdoors…

7 Dec 2015

Generally, an overhead door will offer a way to connect with the outdoors and allow the outside world to become a part of your home. Although garage doors are mainly…

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How To Make The Most Of Your Garage Storage Space

30 Nov 2015

What do you have hiding in your garage? If you answered a “car” then well done, you’re one of a few who do. According to research, over 25% of people…

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Choosing A New Garage Door?

23 Nov 2015

To most people, your garage is much more than just a place to park your car and to store unused household items. It is a valued extension of your home…

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Replace Or Repair Your Garage Door Panel?

16 Nov 2015

One of the most common questions asked here at Doormatic is whether it’s better to repair or replace a damaged garage door panel. And the answer greatly depends on a…

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