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Category: Garage Doors

how to make a garage door secure

Garage Security Tips – How To Secure Your Garage Door

15 Jan 2019

There are are many common mistakes people make with their garage door security. For example, many homeowners like to keep their garage door remote on their car visor for easy…

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garage home office

How to Convert Your Garage – Garage Conversion Guide

3 Aug 2018

A garage conversion is an easy way to maximise usable space and add value to your property. If you garage is unused, why not transform it into a gym, arts…

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Doormatic Featured on Channel 4’s ‘Inside Out Homes’

1 Jun 2018

As part of a stunning home overhaul, Doormatic’s work has been featured on Channel 4’s new series, ‘Inside Out Homes’. The episode, aired 22nd May, followed couple Geoff and Jess…

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Lubricating a metal garage door

How To Clean & Maintain Your Garage Door

10 Apr 2018

Extending the life of your garage door is simple, yet upkeep is often overlooked by many homeowners. But you shouldn’t wait until something goes wrong with your garage door before…

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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open or Close?

6 Dec 2017

Will your garage door not open or close? Even if your door is of the highest quality, it may still experience problems from time to time. Most garage door issues…

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how to fix a noisy garage door

How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door

6 Dec 2017

Whether it’s screeching, rattling or grinding, if your garage door is too loud it won’t make you too popular with the neighbours. Noisy garage doors are usually the result of…

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Garage Door Glossary of Terms

28 Sep 2017

Here at Doormatic, we offer a vast array of garage doors and their associated products. When shopping for the perfect garage door, sometimes you may find yourself stumbling upon a…

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garage door maintenance

12 Common Garage Door Problems… And How To Solve Them!

10 Mar 2017

We’re regularly asked to repair or replace garage doors, and very often the problem stems from something that could be avoided through regular maintenance. We’ve put together a top 12…

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Doormatic Video

Installing a Carteck Black Woodgrain Sectional Garage Door

7 Mar 2017

This video shows a Sectional Garage Door being fitted for a customer in Wokingham. The product is a Carteck Un-Ribbed Black Woodgrain Sectional garage door. We converted the garage from…

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Doormatic Video

Fitting a Carteck Sectional Door for a customer in Surrey

7 Mar 2017

We recently installed this Sectional Garage Door for a customer in Farnham. This Carteck centre rib Sectional Garage Door is fully finished in Cream. The door was fitted in Farnham,…

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Doormatic Video

Fitting a Roller Garage Door in Woking

17 Feb 2017

One of our most recent jobs was installing this Roller Garage Door for a customer in Woking. The had their existing retractable manual door removed onsite prior to the installation…

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Doormatic Video

Installing 2 Carteck Sectional Garage Doors

14 Feb 2017

We perform hundreds of installations of Garage Doors every year. We thought it would be a great idea if you could see the various stages involved during the fitting process.…

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